December and we were still harvesting… Although you might find this strange, it’s normal, since many wineries make late harvest wines. This is the case of Aroa Bodegas, an organic winery located in Navarre, in the Yerri Valley. We will find out about the elaboration process for this special wine […]

We’ll continue talking about wood and wine, but this time, big style, as today we show how a oak vat with a capacity of no less than 6000 liters is built, with one of the last remaining coopers in Spain, if not the last.

We are starting our second season, in which we are going to present the different elements that surround winemaking. We will start with the barrels, which are the containers where the wine “rests” for a large part of its stay in the winery. In order to show you how they […]

We are about to end the winemaking process of red wines. In this chapter we are going to see how the wines are introduced into de deposit again after aging in barrels where blending will be carried out before it is bottled and ready for dispach.

During the winter the wines has been in the deposits doing a natural estabilization. Now they will start the period of aging in barrels. We show you in this chapter what happen during this time and how do we make several racking in order to get the wines almost ready […]

In this chapter we go back to the elaboration of white wines. We’ve already explained you how the alcoholic fermetation was developed and the necessary steps to be done until then. In this chapter we will see how after alcoholic fermetation we need to do the clearing, filter and do […]

In this video you will be able to see how some representatives of the Regulation Council visit the winery to take some samples of the wine in order to certify that all the parameters are correct and that the wine can be under that Designation of Origin.

Do you know how the malolactic fermentation is being developed and how it affects to wine? what is a paper chromatography test? do you want to know how do we do the racking once the malolactic fermentation is done?

Here you can see how devatting is developed in a more traditional way and how a traditional press works?