We are so happy to see you again! As you can see, we have cleaned up nicely for our return. We have completely renovated the website to make it more attractive, more modern and more accessible. We’d love to hear your opinions! And we hope you like it as much […]

Can you imagine that it´s been a year now since we started to introduce you to the wine world through our Vinopedia videos? This definitely calls for a celebration! Be prepared, for during the week of 13-17 of June we will put a set of questions on our Facebook Wall. […]


Today we are going to show you a series of photographs courtesy of José Manuel Gómez, who is the person in charge of the vineyard in Castillo de Maetierra. By means of these images, you can more or less see how the vineyards are now, although they evolve so quickly […]

Líneas de vid

We promised, so here is the answer to the question that Ezequiel from Argentina made to us a few days ago. He asked us when was the best moment to plant a vine and how to do it. José Manuel Gómez, the person responsible for Castillo de Maetierra’s vineyard, gave […]