Today we are going to show you a series of photographs courtesy of José Manuel Gómez, who is the person in charge of the vineyard in Castillo de Maetierra. By means of these images, you can more or less see how the vineyards are now, although they evolve so quickly that they are surely further developed by now. These past days are being rather hot and, as a result, the growth in this period is spectacular. The vine undergoes a radical change, such as Raúl explained in Chapter 3.

Also take a look at the soils in these estates; they are very interesting. In our next chapter, we are going to speak about the different ways of maintaining soils. Field work, non-field work… its advantages and disadvantages. We have gathered different opinions from people who defend field work in a really passionate way, and also others who prefer leaving the vineyards untouched. We will listen to their reasons and the advantages and disadvantages when following both options.

Meanwhile, here are some photos so you can enjoy the vineyard.


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