At Vintae we are a peculiar family who have been having fun, living and dreaming about creating new wines since we began our adventure in La Rioja back in 1999. Some say we’re a little crazy, so we intend to spread our madness to all wine lovers through Vinopedia.

A portal where we explain about the fascinating world of wine so anyone can discover the whole process, from the beginning of the vegetative cycle of the vine until bottling.

In addition we delve into other interesting aspects such as different grape varieties, the influence of climate, elaboration areas, barrels or different curious facts about the world of wine.
And what we like to do most at Vintae is to get our hands dirty, so everything will be onsite at vineyards or cellars, living each experience with leading experts in the field: the people who work there daily. Our goal is that when you have a glass of wine you will be able to understand and appreciate it through real knowledge, leaving aside any frills and elitist airs, contrary to the nature of wine, a drink made to enjoy and share.