In this chapter, you are going to see how the wine is separated from the grape. How the wine is separated from the skins once the fermentation and maceration stages have ended, how the skins are pressed and the pressed wine is obtained, and how the pomace is transferred to […]

In this chapter we will show you the first steps taken once the grapes are inside the winery. We will see how, after fermentation, the must becomes wine.

What happens once the grapes have entered the winery? We will explain in this chapter the processes carried out to make a white wine. We will also see a clearing process and a culture yeast.

In this chapter we will see how the grapes change their colour with the veraison and how the vines are almost ready for the harvest arrival. We will learn how works such us thinning of clusters are developed in order to improve the quality of the grapes and because of […]