December and we were still harvesting… Although you might find this strange, it’s normal, since many wineries make late harvest wines. This is the case of Aroa Bodegas, an organic winery located in Navarre, in the Yerri Valley. We will find out about the elaboration process for this special wine […]

We are about to end the winemaking process of red wines. In this chapter we are going to see how the wines are introduced into de deposit again after aging in barrels where blending will be carried out before it is bottled and ready for dispach.

Here you can see how devatting is developed in a more traditional way and how a traditional press works?

In this chapter, you are going to see how the wine is separated from the grape. How the wine is separated from the skins once the fermentation and maceration stages have ended, how the skins are pressed and the pressed wine is obtained, and how the pomace is transferred to […]