In the previous chapter of Vinopedia we learned the details of traditional goblet pruning in vineyards; today we are going to see how pruning is done on vines trained on trellises using the Cordon Royat system. Here we are with the Vintae vineyard team in a new plantation in Rioja […]

On April 28, 2017, a devastating frost affected a large part of the vineyards in Northern Spain. A couple of days ago, we visited the vineyards to see what the effects have been from this unprecedented event and to discover what should be done to protect the vines in the […]

Throughout the entire year, the vineyard and winery adopts many different colours and landscapes. In this chapter we will have the opportunity to enjoy all of them. Colours and textures coming from the wine itself, the grapes, the vine, the wood of barrels, the must… We wanted to share all […]

This chapter we shall be going back to the vineyard to see how the soil is mantained in the best conditions for the vine to develop. Which factors should be taken into account, depending on the different circumstances and the different techniques available.

In this chapter you can see how the traditional harvest is carried out. A quite hard work, but also a very special and joyful time of the year for many families who pick up the fruits of the job they’ve done during the whole year. We hope you enjoy with […]

In this chapter you can see how harvesting of white varieties is developed. Why the grapes are harvested during the night and how this job is finally done.

In this chapter we will see how the harvest should be prepared in a winery for white wines and how by the end of august they already start the harvest. We will learn how the date for the harvest is being settled and what kind of planning it’s necessary to […]

In this chapter we will see how the grapes change their colour with the veraison and how the vines are almost ready for the harvest arrival. We will learn how works such us thinning of clusters are developed in order to improve the quality of the grapes and because of […]

When the winter comes to and end and the temperatures begin to rise, the vineyards wake from their winter dormant state and the vegetative cycle initiates. The sap starts to run through its vessels and, through the cuttings made when pruning, a transparent liquid starts flowing, which is the first […]