Throughout the entire year, the vineyard and winery adopts many different colours and landscapes. In this chapter we will have the opportunity to enjoy all of them. Colours and textures coming from the wine itself, the grapes, the vine, the wood of barrels, the must… We wanted to share all […]

This chapter we shall be going back to the vineyard to see how the soil is mantained in the best conditions for the vine to develop. Which factors should be taken into account, depending on the different circumstances and the different techniques available.

In just few weeks a radical change happens in the vineyards. The brown and ocher winter colours change into the green colour of the just sprouted vines. During the hottest days in april and may the vines can grow up to five centimeters per day.

During the cold months, the vine rests. It is its vegetative rest period, and the one that is used to prune and prepare each vine so that it can give its best in the following cycle. Pruning is a task that has remained practically unchanged for 2000 years. Did you […]