Can you imagine that it´s been a year now since we started to introduce you to the wine world through our Vinopedia videos?

This definitely calls for a celebration! Be prepared, for during the week of 13-17 of June we will put a set of questions on our Facebook Wall. Those of you who respond correctly to all these questions will enter drawing for a 12 bottle wine cooler, perfect to enjoy the wine in its best condition.

During these months we had a lot of fun, we enjoyed both the vineyards and the winery, getting to know much more things about white and red wines and, what is the most important, we learn a lot from those who work there.

So this is your moment to show us what you know so, get ready to participate and, of course, spread the word. You will see that the questions will be very easy. Anyway, you can review our chapters to get yourself prepared for this fantastic opportunity.

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