Few days ago members of the Rioja Regulatory Council visited Bodega Classica, a winery situated in D.O.Ca Rioja. We were there to see how they collected the samples for analysis. These samples are to prove that the wines from Bodega Classica can be included under this D.O. This is an essential step so that the wines can be released on the market under D.O., in this case, D.O. Rioja.
Octavio, the oenologist from Bodega Classica explains the whole process in the video we made during this visit.

Some days ago, Vintae published a post in which they explained how this process is being undergone and how it is controlled that the quantity of wine that has been produced coincides with the quantity of grapes that were used in the winery during the harvest. This part, as we could see, is also supervised by a member of the Rioja Regulating Council, who was present when the grapes were introduced to the winery.

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