We are so happy to see you again! As you can see, we have cleaned up nicely for our return. We have completely renovated the website to make it more attractive, more modern and more accessible. We’d love to hear your opinions! And we hope you like it as much as we do.

Everything is all set for the return of Vinopedia.tv with lots of new content, always centered around what we like best: wine. We know you have missed us, and we have missed you too! But Vinopedia is something we do with such passion that we knew that someday we’d be back, and that day has finally arrived. Those who know us, know that behind all of this is the Vintae gang and if there is anything this crew is clear about, it is that we want to spread our madness to all wine lovers. And we cannot think of a better way of doing it than through Vinopedia.tv.

In the new episode (number 19 already!), we’ll find out where the famous Spanish expression “a ojo de buen cubero ” (to have a cooper’s eye) comes from with one of the Spain’s few remaining coopers, Jesus Azcarate. To find out how a vat with a capacity of 6,000 liters of wine is built, we have come to Haro, one of the capitals of the Rioja, and visited Bodegas Muga, where you will see Jesus and his companions assemble from scratch this huge lumberyard.

Cap. 19 El último cubero

And after two episodes dedicated to wood, we are also eager to return to the vineyard and the winery, so just to let you know in advance that the next episode, which we will be uncorking in April, will be about harvesting and elaborating a late harvest wine.

We have prepared a lot more content for later on: differences between grape varieties, the influence of climate, different elaboration areas, vineyards and organic and natural wines, trivia, festivities connected to wine … and of course all those questions and proposals you suggest here or on social networks and that are within our reach.

A new, exciting stage of Vinopedia is starting, but for us the most important thing remains the same, having you there, on the other side, waiting for each new episode.

Thanks #vinopediers!

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