What is Vinopedia


Vinopedia.tv is born from the belief taht the more we know something, themore we will be able to enjoy it. For this reason, in this portal, we want to talk about wine in a simple and very accessible way.

We have set out to explain a process that is as excitingas the process followed when making different types of wine. But we will take you beyond just the stages that comprise this process; we will learn and understand a great amount of details and elements that have to be taken into consideration.
In the course of the first year, we will focus on the chronological process of wine-making from the beginning of the vine’s vegetative cycle until reaching the bottling process. Thereafter, we will continue by further delving into other interesting aspects that surround the world of wine, such as the different varieties that are used or the new methods in wine-making.

And all this, we want to carry out on-site, on the vineyard or in the winery, depending on each moment, as well as sharing some time with those who work their every day, and the adventures and misadventures that take place until a bottle of wine is opened. Our objective is that when you drink a wine, you get to appreciate and understand it, making it yours through an acquired knowledge, while setting aside the fireworks it is presented with so many times and the elitist aura that it has been sometimes surrounded by.

Who is who

Raúl Acha

Raúl Acha shall be the oenologist who will guide us through the process of learning the world of wine. He currently makes wine in six different Designations of Origin in Spain; these are La Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Navarra, Ribera del Queiles, Valles de Sadacia and Toro. Born in Cárdenas, a village in La Rioja with a great tradition in wine-making, he grew in a family of wine-growers, in which he has lived the entire tradition of this world and land since he was young. To this practical knowledge, he has added Bachelor Degrees in Agricultural Engineering, Oenology and Advanced Oenology Studies. He is the creator of wines such as Matsu or Libalis and he has recently created wines as revolutionary as the first Albariño made in La Rioja, the first Verdejo, or the first Riesling that have been produced in this land, traditionally concentrated in red wines.

José Manuel Gómez de Segura

José Manuel Gómez de Segura shall be one of the other persons who will offer a vision of what happens in the vineyard. He graduated as an Agronomist from the Public University of Navarra, specializing in Viticulture and Oenology at the Facoltà di Viticoltura ed Enologia (Cormons, Italy), Università degli studi di Udine (Friuli-Italy), and from the University of La Rioja with a Bachelor in Oenology, but, above all, he is passionate about wine, oenology and wine-growing. He is part of the Grupo Maetierra wine-growing team, which in total manages 250 hectares of own property vineyards, distributed between D.O. Navarra, V.T. Ribera del Queiles, V. T. Valles de Sadacia (The White Revolution) and, of course, D.O.Ca Rioja.


A series of collaborators will share their knowledge and everyday experience in the wine making process. Among them you would find the vine- growers and workers who during the whole year do their best to ensure that the vines grow in the best conditions as well as oenologists who daily fuss over the wine in the wineries. All of them will participate in different episodes in order to complete the vision of the wine world in its broadest sense.